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Antler 2018

Large Heading

Antler (2018) Moving Image by Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Sound by Karen Power. 15 Minutes, Super8mm, Ireland.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini’s work with Super-8 conjures a mysterious territory that exists between memory, subjective perception and the objective materiality of the filmed image. Antler pushes deeper into this realm, seamlessly combining archival footage of animals and reptiles in their habitats with newly filmed material of the artist and an assistant at work in a botanical garden. Inspired by the famous Voynich Manuscript, a 15th century book written in an unknown language and featuring detailed drawings of plants that do not exist, Antler transforms a botanical garden greenhouse into a laboratory of perception and a film set. Nature sampled and presented for study in this setting is equated with natural phenomena framed and captured on film. But rather than taming or normalising nature, these study aids function as cues to oneiric immersion in a vivid but utterly elusive world. The sensuous, painterly quality of Pour Hosseini’s visual style results in a hauntingly introspective, out-of-time atmosphere that is heightened by Karen Power’s unsettling sound track.

Featuring Julia Gelezova

Composer and Sound Karen Power

Image and Edit Atoosa Pour Hosseini

Produced by Experimental Film Society & Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.


Link to Trailer HERE





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