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2014 MA in Fine Art (Media) at National College of Art and Design (Dublin, Ireland) 
2009 HND in Fiber Art at
Ballyfermot College (Dublin, Ireland) 
2007 BA in Fine Art (painting) at
Azad University of Art and Architecture (Tehran, Iran)

Awards and Commissioned

2023 Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award

2023 Commissioned exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

2022 Commissioned film by Quiet Music Ensemble

2021 Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award

2021 Commissioned exhibition at The Dock Arts Centre

2020 Arts Council of Ireland, Bursary Award

2019-2023 Temple Bar Galleries & Studios, Three Year Membership Studios Award, Dublin

2018 The Unforeseen International Experimental Film Festival, ANTLER (2018) won the special award 

2018 Arts Council of Ireland, Next Generation Artists, Bursary Award 

2018 Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award 

2018 Commissioned exhibition at The LAB Gallery

2017 Culture Ireland

2017 Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award 

2017 Arts Council of Ireland, Bursary Award 

2017 PLASTIK Festival Award (shortlisted), Dublin IRL

2016 Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award (collaboration - Kirkos Ensemble & EFS)

2016 Arts Council of Ireland, Travel and Training Award 

2015-2016 Temple Bar Galleries & Studios, Project Studio Award, Dublin IRL

2015 Commissioned Exhibitions at Aaran Projects & Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran IRN

2014 Arts Council of Ireland, Travel and Training Award 
Culture Ireland (as part of EU Presidency International Culture Programme)


2024 Centre Culturel Irlandais (CCI) Paris, FRA

2021 Sirius Art Centre with Karen Power, Mary Nunan & QME Cobh co.Cork IRL

2020 The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim IRL

2019 The Tyrone Guthrie Centre (Next Generation Arts Council award) at Annaghmakerrig, Co. Monaghan IRL

2016 Lichtenberg Studios with Experimental Film Society, Berlin DEU

2015 The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Co. Monaghan IRL

2014 Amandus Adamson Studio Museum, Paldiski EST

2013 The Guesthouse, Cork IRL

Solo Exhibitions and Performances


  • The Magic Circle Exhibition and live performance at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Dublin, 19th OCT- 3rd Dec

  • We Return to Ground, music/dance/film performance event with Karen Power, Mary Nunan & QME at National Concert Hall, Dublin 23rd April


  • Atoosa Pour Hosseini 2011-2021 Publication and Exhibition at Oonagh Young Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

  • We Return to Ground, music/dance/film performance event with Karen Power, Mary Nunan & QME at The Model (Sligo, Ireland)


  • Luminous Void, exhibition at Project Arts Centre (Dublin, Ireland)

  • The Flower People, exhibition at The Dock Arts Centre (Co. Leitrim, Ireland)


  • Moving Image/Sound performance in collaboration with Vicky Langan at Engage Art Studios Curated by Winter Papers (Galway, Ireland) January


  • Kinetics in Blue, The LAB Gallery (Dublin, Ireland) 

  • Refining the Senses, Performance at Process Festival (Riga, Latvia)


  • Wilderness Notes, Kirkos Ensemble & Experimental Film Society (EFS) music & film event at Filmbase (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Refining the Senses, a moving image and sound performance with Suzanne Walsh at Filmbase (Dublin, Ireland)


  • MIRAGE, performance at Art Box (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Clandestine, collaborative performance with Irene Murphy and Mick O'Shea, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (Dublin Ireland) 


  • Seesound, collaborative performance with Strange Attractor at Cork Film Centre Gallery as part of IndieCork Festival (Cork, Ireland)

  • Luminosity, exhibition at Cork Film Centre Gallery (Cork, Ireland) 

  • Latitude, performance with Mick O'Shea at The Guesthouse (Cork, Ireland) 


  • Immersion in Fore-Time, Hello Operator (Dublin, Ireland) 

  • Your Soft Whispers, MadArt Galley (Dublin, Ireland) 

Official Film Festival Selections and Screenings


  • The Golden Mask (2020), fsk Kino Oranienplatz  (Berlin, Germany)


  • The Flower People (2021), Wolf Kino (Berlin, Germany)

  • Antler (2018), Kino Moviemento (Berlin, Germany)


  • Antler (2018), Jeu De Paume (Paris, France)

  • Kinetics (2018), Triskel Arts Centre (Cork, Ireland)

  • Refining the Senses & Gleanings (2017) The Dock Arts Centre (Co. Leitrim, Ireland)


  • Mirage (2015), Project Arts Centre (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Intervals (2020), The Dock Arts Centre (Co. Leitrim, Ireland)

  • Kinetics (2018), Kino Klub Split (Split, Croatia)


  • Antler (2018), Project Arts Centre Sound Collector (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Kinetics (2018), 18th LUFF- Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Antler (2018), Cork Midsummer Festival 2019 Burn/Out (Cork, Ireland)

  • Antler (2018), Taipei Contemporary Art Centre 台北當代藝術中 (Taipei, Taiwan)

  • Antler (2018), Moving Bodies Festival at Teatro Espace (Turin, Italy)

  • Antler (2018), Cinemateca Nacional Del Ecuador Ulises Estrella (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Antler (2018), Revolutions Per Minute Festival RPM FEST at UMass Boston (Boston MA, USA)

  • Antler (2018)Semaine du Son à Namur Exposition sonore "Hölisme" Aspëkt (Namur, Belgium)


  • Antler (2018), 63rd Cork Film Festival (Cork, Ireland)

  • Antler (2018), หอภาพยนตร์ Thai Film Archive (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Refining the Senses (2017), WORM Rotterdam (Netherland)

  • Refining the Senses (2017), Experiments in Cinema EIC2018 (NM,USA)

  • Last Phase (2014), "Surrealist Voices from Ireland" at Conservatorio Bruno Maderna featival (Cesena, Italy)

  • Super8 films 2015-2017 at Mmam Museo Arte Moderno Cuenca Ecuador, Cámara Lúcida - Encuentros Cinematográficos (Cuenca, Ecuador)

  • Refining the Senses (2017), American Medium Gallery (New York, USA) 

  • Refining the Senses (2017), Process Festival (Riga, Latvia)

  • Super8 films 2015-2017 at Cinemateca Nacional del Ecuador (Quito, Ecuador) 

  • Gleanings (2017), ANALOGICA SELECTION 7 (Bolzano & Milano, Barcelona, Mexico City & San Francisc)


  • Refining the Senses (2017), 62nd Cork Film Festival (Cork, Ireland)

  • Mirage (2015), Art Works’17 Carlow Arts Festival at VISUAL (Carlow, Ireland)

  • Refining the Senses (2017), LUFF- Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Gleanings (2017), DOBRA Festival at The Museum of Modern Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


  • Gleanings (2017) International Independent Film Fair of Bogota (Bogotá, Colombia) 

  • Mirage, 19th MOVIATE Underground Film Festival (Harrisburg PA, USA) 

  • Mirage and Clandestine, CineAutopsia Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (Bogotá, Colombia) 

  • Carcass Programme: RelicsUP Film Institute Film Studio (Quezon City, Philippines) 

  • Carcass Programme: HOMO FEROX / CORPUS REX, Bibliotecas Municipais do Porto (Porto, Portugal) 

  • Mirage (2015) PLASTIK Festival at Irish Film Institute (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Clandestine (2015) 41st Atlanta Film Festival (Atlanta, USA) 

  • Mirage (2015) Process Festival at Kino Bize (Riga, Latvia) 

  • Clandestine (2015The National Cineteca de México (Mexico City) 

  • Clandestine (2015) UNEXPOSED Film Festival (Durham, NC, USA) 

  • Mirage (2015) First Look Festival at The Museum of the Moving Image (New York, USA)


  • Clandestine (2015) Berlin Experimental Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

  • Clandestine (2015) Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural (Porto, Portugal)

  • Mirage (2015) 23rd Visionaria International Film Festival at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art De Grada of San Gimignano (Siena, Italy)

  • Mirage (2015) The Short Circuit (Brighton, UK) 

  • Mirage (2015) Re: Cinema at 10th Sydney Underground Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)

  • Mirage (2015) Underneath the Floorboards (London, U.K)

  • Clandestine (2015) Glass Eye Cine Club (Belfast, UK)

  • Clandestine (2015) FECI - Feria Internacional de Cine Independiente de Bogotá (Bogota, Colombia)

  • Clandestine (2015) 18th MOVIATE Underground Film Festival (Harrisburg PA, USA) 

  • Clandestine (2015) AEMI Projection at Irish Film Institute (IFI) (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Mirage, Oasis and Clandestine at Luminous Void exhibition Triskel Arts Centre (Cork, Ireland)

  • Oasis (2015) Museu de Arte de Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 


  • Clandestine (2015) The Museum of Contemporary Art (Tehran, Iran)

  • Incubus (2013) Altered States (Hastings, East Sussex, UK)

  • Dimensions (2013) Lichtblick-Kino (Berlin, Germany) 

  • Last Phase (2014) Incubus (2013), Luminosity 2 (2013) at RegenbogenKINO (Berlin, Germany) 

  • Luminosity 1 (2013) Kinodromo (Bologna, Italy) 


  • Incubus (2013) Limited access International Festival, at Aaran Gallery (Tehran, Iran) 

  • Silences (2011) St. Ambrose University (Davenport, Iowa, USA) 

  • Last Phase (2014) Image and Sound Laboratory of State University of Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil)

  • Last Phase (2014) Fronteira Film Festival (Goiania, Brazil) 

  • Dimensions (2013) Kastav film festival (Kastav, Croatia) 

  • Incubus (2013) The Picture Show (New York, USA) 


  • Seesound 2013, collaboration with Strange Attractor, IndieCork Festival (Cork, Ireland)


  • Silences (2011) Artists Television Access (San Francisco, USA)

  • Silences (2011) Cronosfera Festival (Alessandria, Italy)

  • Another Time (2012) Monster Truck Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Then (2011) The Nightingale (Chicago, USA)

  • Then (2011) The Basement Project Space (Cork, Ireland)


  • Then (2011) International Streaming Festival (Hague, Netherlands)

  • Then (2011) Moving Frames Digital Art Festival (Mytilene, Greece)

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • 20th Anniversary of Experimental Film Society (EFS) at Project Arts Centre (Dublin, Ireland)

  • The Flower People, The Dock Arts Centre (Co. Leitrim, Ireland)


  • Refining the Senses (2017), Performance at Process Festival (Riga, Latvia)

  • Refining the Senses (2017), American Medium Gallery (New York, USA) 


  • Mirage, ART WORKS '17 Carlow Arts Festival at VISUAL (Carlow, Ireland) 7th June - 3rd September

  • Mirage, Oasis, Clandestine (2015) “Luminous Void” Exhibition at Triskel Arts Centre (Cork, Ireland) 


  • Luminosity (2) "Luminous Void" Project, Lajevardi Foundation (Tehran, Iran)

  • Semi Dark Room "Luminous Void" Project, Aaran Gallery (Tehran, Iran)


  • Wind Makes Waves, collaborative project/exhibition at Amandus Adamson Studio Museum (Paldiski, Estonia)

  • Last Phase (2014) MFA graduate show, NCAD (Dublin, Ireland) 

  • Last Phase (2014) Platform Art (Belfast, UK)

  • Incubus (2013) Satellite Project Space/Hendrons Collider (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Dimensions (2013) Pallas Projects/Studios (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Dimensions (2013) Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery and Da Keldrisaal (Tallinn, Estonia)


  • Production, collaborative project/exhibition at Monster Truck Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Drawn Together, Siena Art Institute (Siena, Italy)

  • The Open Submission Print Show, Limerick Printmakers (Limerick, Ireland)


  • Impressions at Galway Arts Centre (Galway, Ireland)

  • Print, Lorg Printmakers (Galway, Ireland)

  • Mill Cove Awards Exhibition 2010, Mill Cove Gallery (Cork, Ireland) 

  • Mad Art Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

  • The Little Picture Show, Crow Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Delicate Digressions, Civic Offices, Wood Quay (Dublin, Ireland)


  • Drawing, Mani Gallery (Tehran, Iran)


  • Mosaic Ceramic, Jahan Nama Gallery (Tehran, Iran)


  • Painting, Mansoureh Hoseiny Gallery (Tehran, Iran)


2022 "Atoosa Pour Hosseini 2011-2022" book published by Oonagh Young Gallery

2022 "Hours of The WolfZine/artist's book as part of the TBG+S Studio Publications 

2020 "Luminous Void Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society" book, edited with Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximillian Le Cain 

2019 Winter Papers book (Ireland) “On Noise, Images, Performance, Life" Atoosa Pour Hosseini and Vicky Langan in Conversation

2018 "Kinetics in Blue" exhibition publication by The LAB Gallery and Dublin City Council
2016 Filmkhaneh magazine (Iran) “Tones of emotion” an article on Barbara Loden's Wanda (1970)

Reviews and Interviews (can be read HERE)

2023 Visual Artists’ News Sheet (VAI) participant in the article "The Space to Grow" for the 40th anniversary of TBG+S

2022 Visual Artists’ News Sheet (VAI), Reviewed by Joanne Laws

2021 Luminous Void Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society book, articles by Adrian Martin, Vahid Mortazavi, and Sebastian Wiedemann

2019 Visual Artists’ News Sheet (VAI), Interview by Suzanne Walsh

2019 RTÉ "Eyes peeled - eight artists to watch in 2019" by Cristín Leach

2018 The Irish Times, "A mythical, dreamy view of the Blasket Islands" review by Aidan Dunne

2018 EFS Publications, "The Art of Memory Weaving" article by Nikola Gocić

2018 The Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture, “Mirage” article "Immaterial materiality" by Ryszard Dabek. Published by Penn State University Press
2017 Luminous Void Experimental Film Society Documents book, ‘Clandestine’ article "First Principles" by Adrian Martin

2017 Film Panic magazine, Interview

2017 MUBI Notebook, "On Resistance" at First Look 2017, “Mirage” review by Michael Sicinski

2016 Enclave Review (14), MIRAGE review by Alice Butler

2016 AEMI, "The Films of Experimental Film Society" article by Alice Butler and Daniel Fitzpatrick  

2014 Art in the Contemporary World, "See The Future" review by Barry Kehoe 
Experimental Conversations, "Luminosity" review by Maximillian Le Cain 
Particle Art, Interview 
2011 International Streaming Festival, Interview


Artist Talks

2023 Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, panel discussion 'Performativity in Practice' Dublin, Ireland

2023 Baltic Analog Lab, Film School, lecture, Riga, Latvia

2022 Dublin Art Book Fair 'book launch' at TBG+S, Dublin, Ireland

2021 Visual Artist Ireland, 'Get together' (Ireland National Event for Visual Arts) Online

2020 Project Arts Centre, '20th Anniversary of Experimental Film Society' book launch, Online

2019 Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, ‘Making Connections’ Seminar, Dublin, Ireland

2019 LUX Critical Forum at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, Ireland

2018 Process Festival, discussion 'Alternative Film Communities', Riga, Latvia

2017 Berlin Experimental Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

2016 Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 'Culture Night' studio visit, Dublin, Ireland

2016 Irish Film Institute (IFI), with Experimental Film Society and AEMI, Dublin, Ireland

2015 The Museum of Contemporary Art, with Experimental Film Society, Tehran, Iran

2015 Lichtblick-Kino, with Experimental Film Society, Berlin, Germany

2012 Black Church Print Studio, 'Production' Exhibition, Dublin



Irish Museum of Modern Art

Arts Council of Ireland

Siena Art Institute, Italy

Private Collection, Tehran, Dublin, France, Canada

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