Moving Image

"Incubus" (1:30 Minutes, DSLR, Switzerland & Ireland 2013) is a highly saturated nightmarish unsettling video work that explores unconsciousness nature of memory and its relationship with moving image and sound. Watch Here

"Test (1)" 45 seconds hand drawn animation piece that portrays a homage to The Cabinet of DR. Caligari in four takes, Ireland 2010.

"Dimensions" (6 Minutes, DSLR HDV Super8mm Video Projection Ireland 2013) is a moving image with sound, made of various techniques such as multi-layer projections, manufactured lighting, hand-altered mechanism and interposing objects. Watch Here



"Silences" (3 Minutes - DSLR - Iran & Ireland 2011) is a short moving image piece with a sense of eerie and fear. The saturated colour and fluid attribution of it can suggest a nightmare-like experience. 

Watch Here



"Reflected" (2 Minutes & 17 Seconds - DSLR - Ireland 2011) is a haiku-like moving image piece that focuses on rhythmic and atmospheric nature of water to create dreamlike environments with an urban aesthetic. Watch Here

"Last Phase" (1:56 Minutes, HD, Ireland 2014) 

When engaging with Last Phase one is immersed in the experience of being submerged and emerging. Through a moving image that is at once appearing and disappearing, it revolves around this tension between two distinct conditions. Excerpt

"Luminosity 1" (5 Minutes, DSLR, Ireland 2013)  audio-visual 

Watch Here


"Luminosity 2" (2:25 Minutes, DSLR HDV Super8mm Video Projection,  Ireland 2013) Watch Here

"Then" (5 Minutes - Scanned Hand Drawing, Digital Manipulation & Digital Post Production, Ireland 2011) examines the mysterious world that has been embedded in memory of time and space, a virtual universe which exits somewhere between reality and dream. Images in "Then" progresses and dissolves into another and creates a haunting audio / visual experience. Watch Here 

"Clandestine" (15 minutes, Super8mm, Estonia / Ireland 2015)

Layers both space and time, superimposing imagery and creating entrancing patterns of repetition and startling interruption. Voyaging from one land to another, from found footage to mysteriously evocative scenes shot by the artist to the pure abstraction of hand-scratched film, it traces a haunting inner logic of memory and discovery. Excerpt

"Oasis" (7:30 minutes, Super8mm, Germany / Ireland 2015)

Figures emerge from and retreat back into the waters of the oasis, coming forward to greet the eye of the Super-8 camera. The scene initially appears idyllic. But the alien scrutiny of the artificial eye is sinister, at cold cross-purposes to the human warmth it brushes against. Excerpt

“Mirage” (4 minutes, Super8mm, Iran / Ireland 2015)
Mirage evokes a desert landscape but it is the cinematic image itself that is the mirage. Working with the material textures of Super-8 film, Mirage presents two visual planes: the captured image and the surface of the film strip itself. The relationship between these is as much one of conflict as mutual support.

"Refining the Senses" (12 minutes, Super & Standard 8mm, Switzerland, Iran & Ireland 2017)

The artist sits spinning wool at a site of memory as image and reminiscence fluctuate between the personal and the general, the pictorial and the material. Bodies wander, landscapes echo each other, and time is unwound through a carefully wrought approach to 8mm celluloid. Between the persistence and fragility of the moving image, the senses are refined. Excerpt

"Gleanings" (8 minutes, Standard 8mm, Ireland & Switzerland 2017) 

Super-8 memories emerge and vanish into the imageless texture of scratched celluloid, an object at once very present and channelling long absent moments of ambiguity. A soldier allows a little girl to handle a gun, a machine like the camera that links a calm present with war and death. But who is watching this film? Whose footsteps are pacing? Who is invading and appropriating these memories? Excerpt