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Refining the Senses 2016

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Refining the Senses (2016) 40 minute Performance

Experimental Film Society (EFS) in partnership with Filmbase presents Refining the Senses, a moving image and live sound performance by Atoosa Pour Hosseini in collaboration with Suzanne Walsh.

Refining the Senses is an uncanny sensory experience that places the viewer in a mysterious and contemplative liminal zone between different dimensions of life, death and memory. Making evocative use of the textures of Super-8 film, the visuals combine reworked found footage of anonymous old family films with newly shot scenes in which Pour Hosseini re-imagines the life of this family. By using multiple projections and painting directly onto the surface of the film, she conjures a visually gorgeous meditation on the uneasy intersection of the personal and universal in image making. The improvisational interaction of her projector performance with Walsh’s live sound form a dialogue in which moments frozen in time in the film are reactivated in the present through the impulses and reflections of the artists.

Refining the Senses was produced and curated by Experimental Film Society and developed at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

3 minutes excerpt from the Performance (Documentation) Watch Here

​22nd October 2016 at Filmbase, Dublin


Photos by Rouzbeh Rashidi

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